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Reinventing the way
we shop for fashion.

Our goal is to create a new way of shopping for reloved fashion
through beautifully styled pop-up events, educational workshops,
and with our online shop (think online op shop with a twist!).

The Problem

fast fashion

Because of the fast fashion epidemic, three-quarters of clothing purchased is thrown out within a year! In Australia, 6000kg of clothes are thrown out every 10 minutes!


Alarmingly, it’s estimated that only about 15% of clothes donated to op shops are resold in Australia. That means a large majority goes directly to landfill.


Clothing made from polyester (essentially a plastic), takes up to 200 years to breakdown in landfill. Natural fibres such as wool and cotton should always be kept out of landfill.

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Our passion

keeping fashion
out of landfill

The Solution - Australia's newest online op shop!

How The Re: Club Works

Imagine decluttering your wardrobe, trading in the clothes you don’t wear, and being rewarded with points in an account to spend on lots of new items!


Join The Re: Club and be rewarded with points in an account to spend on lots of new items.


Organise collection of your unwanted clothes. Send us a message with your suburb and we’ll book it in.


Technically you can do all your clothes shopping for free (with points) for a whole year! How good is that!

what we collect

Please note: Due to current restrictions, we are only able to accept clothing from The Re: Club members at this time.

If you are not a member, we ask that you please store your clothes until we can recommence pick ups! We’ll keep you updated.

Please make sure all items are in clean and good wearable condition
(as you would want to find them yourself).




wire or wooden hangers




wire or

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